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FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What are the reasons for the hair fall?
A1. The main resaons for the hair fall can be sumup as:
(a).Heredity, (b).Prolonged illness, (c).Malnutrition, (d).Stress, (e).Malnutrition, (f).Medication, (g).Hyper Fever, (h).Treatment of Cancer and (i).Not taking care of hair.
In men, due to effect of hormones the size of roots of the hair decreases with age and later uproots from the place. Androgenic alopecia i also occurs in women.

Q2. What are the options for the cure of Baldness?
A2. The treatment for the baldness can be categorised into two parts:
1) Medication :In which medicines are prescribes to stop hair fall and regrow the hair on bald place, most famous from all of them are
a) Minoxidil Solution – for massage on scalp
b) T. Finasteride- for eating
If this medication is stated at early stage of alopecia then baldness can be cure through medication. One should be cautions as the result of medication is different on different person and hair fall may star gain when medication stops.

2) Surgical treatment:
a) Scalp Reduction and flaps:
This technique is no longer in practise.
b) Funch grafting: The result of this surgical treatment id not satisfactory.
c) Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) & Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): These techniques of surgery give best result.

Q3. What is follicular Unit transplant (FUT)?
A3. This hair transplant procedure by this technique can be summarised as:-
a) A strip of skin with hair from back of head or from side is taking under local anaesthesia. The hair of this portion of head remains baldness resistant.
b) After removing the skin, this place is stitched which leaves a small linear scar which get covered with hair growth.
c) Then hair follicle is separated from the strip by highly skilful method.
d) At the bald portion tiny hole is created using small .5mm or .6 mm punch.
e) The separated follicles are planted to these tiny holes skilfully so that the hair growth takes place gives natural look.
f) Transplanted hair stats showing growth normally in 6 weeks.
g) For complete growth it takes almost 6 months to 1 year of time.

Q4. What is the difference between FUE and FUT?
A4. The difference between FUE and FUT is in extraction of hair follicles only; the placement of hair follicle is same.
In FUT a strip of skin with hair is taken from the donor area.
In FUE using special technique only hair grafts is extracted without leaving any scar.

Q5. Am I right candidate for hair transplantation?
A5. You can go for hair transplantation as per below points:-
a). If the hair density at the back of your head (occipital area) or side area ( Temporal area) hair is good. b).If the baldness is due to hormones.
c).If you have scare on your head due to burn or injury.
d). If the medication is failed to cure the baldness.

Q6. How I have to prepare for the surgery?
A6). Following are the main steps to preparation for hair transplant:
a). Consult to our doctors take complete information about hair transplant procedure.
b). Take an appointment.
c). Some blood test will be required.
d). One has to take test dose of local anaesthesia.
e). Few particular medicines (Aspirin, Vitamin E) has to stop from 2 days before the surgery and 3 days after the surgery.
f). One must take T.Alprax (0.25mg) in night before the day of surgery and ½ an hour before the surgery.
g). Get trim your hair short and wash with shampoo before coming for surgery.
h).Take light breakfast in the morning of the hair transplantation day.
i).Wear button shirt not the T-shirt for the hair transplant OT.
j). One can ask a friend or relative to accompanied you during hair transplant surgery.

Q7. Is it requiring admitting in the hospital?
A7. No! The surgery get finished in 5-6 hours, one can go back to his place after the surgery.

Q8. Will surgery be done while making me unconscious?
A8. No. Surgery is done by giving local anaesthesia to the area under consideration for surgery purpose

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