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Hair Transplant Procedures

We practice Follicular Unit Micro grafting (FUT) and FUE both which is the latest technique followed all over the world with consistent results. Male and female patients who wish to undergo follicular unit micro grafting need not be completely bald. These micro grafts can be added in between the existing hair, without any damage to the adjacent hair roots.
Stitch less Follicular Extraction Technique (FoEx) and Body hair transplant can be planned for a suitable candidate. Planning an early hair transplant session, before your hair loss has reached an advanced stage has its advantages. Gradual hair loss is gradually replaced in stages. Your remaining natural hair provides good camouflage for the initial sessions. Your sessions can be well placed, even a few years apart. At any stage in your life you will never look as bad as you would have appeared without a hair transplant.
Number of Transplant Procedures needed
Commonly a bald area can be reasonably covered in one sitting. Second sitting may be sometimes desired by a patient to add density. Or a large area extending lower down over the crown may require a second sitting. A third sitting is rarely advised.
We have team of two plastic surgeons and three nurses. The team usually performs 2800 - 3000 follicular unit micro grafts in a single sitting. However it is wise to leave the decision regarding the number of grafts to the surgeon. Large number of grafts is selected only if there is a large enough area.
Transplant sessions can be planned as far apart as you wish, but they can be repeated in the same area only after 4-6 months.
Events after a session of Follicular micro grafting Post-operative pain: Pain is taken care of by analgesic injections on the first day and later on it responds to simple oral tablets. Patients are advised to- Sleep with a cold water bottle under the neck.
Occasional swelling: Second or third day some patients may develop enema of the forehead. This is not painful, but the forehead looks puffy and you may not like to meet people during this period of 4-days. Gradually by gravity, the swelling comes over the eyes, then over the cheeks and disappears. To take care of this period, a few days leave is preferred after a hair transplant. The swelling is temporary and does not affect the healing of the grafts or your health in any way. We do not give steroids or other medications to treat the swelling. To avoid swelling, patients are instructed to- Sleep upright for 3-4 days with extra pillows.
Use alternate hot and cold compresses over the forehead.
Patient is instructed to carry out a special massage on the forehead.
Avoid a head bath for 3-days: After the hair transplant, patient can take a shoulder bath on the very next day. Head bath using a special antiseptic solution is allowed on the third day. However the grafts are not to be touched or rubbed with the finger tips up to ten days.

Tingling sensation in the grafts: Some patients feel a tingling sensation in the grafted area. Patients must be careful not to touch, rub or scratch on the grafts up to ten days. We suggest a soothing ointment that can be applied lightly to keep the sensation away. Scabs: Small black scabs are formed over each graft. These naturally loosen and begin to fall off by ten days. After ten days, as you gently run your finger tips over the grafts during bathing, the scabs will separate and fall.

Hair Transplantation can be used for restoring hairs at different places of body:

Head Hair restoration
Ear burn hair transplant
Beard hair transplantation
Moustache hair transplantation
Women hair restoration
Eyelash hair restoration
Eyebrow hair restoration
Body hair transplant

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