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Plasmolifting Gel Therapy

Introducing Gel-Therapy

Plasmolifting Gel Therapy is A Unique Anti-aging Procedure Designed to Reduce Wrinkles & Restore Facial Contours without Plastic Surgery.

What is Plasmolifting Gel?

Plasmolitting Geltherapy is An Autologous Gel Derived from Patients Own Plasma with the Help of Plasmolifting Certified Tubes. Geltherapy is applied for Etiotropic Treatment of Wrinkles, Reduction of Acne Scars and Skin irregularity, As Well As Minimally Traumatic Contour Correction.

Plasmolifting Geltherapy is Designed to Achieve the Effect Similar to Facelift without Surgery, Long Rehabilitation Period or Risk Of Allergic Reaction. Due its Natural Origin Autologous Gel Has Very Few Contraindications, and is Highly Unlikely to Cause Allergic Reactions or Side Effects. Plasmolifting Geltherapy Can Be Used in Combination Therapy Together With Other Cosmetic Procedures.

Plasmolifting Gel Effect

  1. Evens skin surface
  2. Corrects
    1. Deep Wrinkles
    2. Acne Scar
    3. Atrophic Scars
  3. Restores Lost tissue volume
  4. Increase skin elasticity and suppleness

Advantages of the Plasmolifting method

  • Safety— no allergy or side effects
  • Efficiency — height cosmetic and therapeutic effect
  • Universality— the technique can be combined with different cosmetologically procedures
  • Cost-effectiveness— does not require expensive equipment, brings high profit at minimum expenses
Please Contact Us For "certified Master Course of Plasmolifting Method" (lessons with A Plasmolifting Certified Doctor, Obtainment Of Brief Theoretical Knowledge, Laboratory Instructions And Practical Training On injectable Methods)

Permits and Certificates

The procedure is officially approved for application in the Russian Federation. It has all required certificates, and complies with the international quality standards ISO and CE.

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