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1: The Theradome LH80 PRO

A revolutionary Laser Hair Helmet

  1. Latest, Most Powerful High Tech Solutions to Hair Loss.
  2. Developed By A Former NASA Scientist With 80 Proprietary Laser At An Optimized 678nm Wavelength.
  3. Recommended By 4 Out Of 5 Hair Loss Experts Around The World.
  4. Uses Effective Light Energy To Restore Hair To A Healthy State.
  5. Proven To Regrow Hair through Multiple Clinical Trials.
  6. Offers full scalp coverage: All problem areas are treated.
  7. Wireless and Cord-free: Can be used privately at home.
  8. Can significantly improve the results of hair restoration surgery; can be used in an FDA-Registered Medical Device Facility.

2- Theradome

Effective. Convenient. Affordable. Solving Hair Loss with Science.

Laser Specification

LLLT Power Proven to Stimulate Hair Restoring Cellure Activity

  1. Diodes
    80 state-0f-the-art (not LEDs) the most lasers in any OTC FDA cleared device penetrate deeply to hair follicles without heat generation.
  2. Power and Penetration
    Featuring the highest power and penetration available designed for effective photo biostimulation that ensures deep-scalp LLLT absorption.
  3. Coverage
    Maximum scalp coveragee treats ail areas affected by androgenetic alopecia for the best results
  4. Maximum Efficiency and User Comfort
    Constructed to disperse heat and to cool lasers, our helmet generates less than 1 degree Celsius heat during a 20-min treatment session.
  5. Reliablity
    Custome-Made Laser diodes of the highest quality, designed and tested to each last 6,000 operational hours – equivalent to up to 18,000 20-minutes treatments.
  6. Safety
    Safe and comfortable use, with zero side effects.


Simply Brilliant. Engineered for you.

  1. Battery Operated
    Optimized to deliver 5-7 high-dosage treatment sessions with the power of rechargeable battery.
  2. Cordless
    No cord for hassle-free movements.
  3. Hands-Free
    No remotes, no belt packs, no combing and no cables. Totally automated operations at the touch of a single button.
  4. At Home Use
    No prescription, no physician, no technician. Clinical-strength power for convenient and discreet at-home use.
  5. Voice Readout
    Friendly, pleasant reminders for session timing, treatment status, product status, battery charging and more.
  6. Light Weight
    Lightweight and cushioned for comfort, yet the strongest available product uniquely designed with 80 low-heat lasers.
  7. Treatment Tracking
    Fully automated and convenient for tracking progress and complying with treatment protocols.
  8. International Use
    Certified to worldwide standards, AC Power at 100V-240V (50 Hz/60Hz) and output at 5V/1.5a, for use anywhere in the world.
  9. User Interface
    Simplified and easy automated operation with one-button control.
  10. Time Treatment
    Ideally Timed 20-minute laser treatment with automated shut off at session end and/or manual checks and voice readout countdowns to monitor time.
  11. Cost-Effective
    A one-time investment requiring no prescriptions, repeat clinical visits or recurring expenses.
  12. Multi-Language
    Language preference available for downloads via theradome.
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